Part of the Mercury Innovative team with our product
testing unit at Skysong Center in Scottsdale, Arizona.


Mercury Innovative® creates unique language arts and analysis software.

Team: Our energetic team is dedicated to developing new language processing tools and techniques. Our team combines skills from linguistics, rhetoric, teaching, marketing, public relations, and programming. We strive to discover and push new horizons in language visualization and interpretation. Mercury Innovative's team-members are two-time winners of the Edson Entrepreneur Initiative (2011 & 2012).

Our Mission: Mercury Innovative's mission is to produce specialty, creative, high-end, and inventive language processing tools.

Our Products: We believe that ownership of our products in a wired-world gives our customers an unparalleled advantage. Our products have applications in the following fields: Education, Writing, Art, Politics, Law, Business, Entertainment, Security, Surveillance, and Research.

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